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Election Research

Understand voters behaviour with qualatative and quantative survey and analysis that helps in designing the election or political campaign better and help to maximize voters turn out in your favour.

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Election Strategy

We develop strategies that help to win elections. Janadhar India is a group of well known election and political strategist with proven success record for more than 10 elections.

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Voters Connect

Connect with your voters with booth level activities like door knock, women connect events, youth connect events, rallies, influencer connect events, LED and display van and more.

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Media Advertising

We have all media to help you in this election. Range of services includ like Cinema advertising, mobile advertiing, Bulk SMS, bulk whatsapp, bulk recorded voice calls, OBD, Digital advertising, social media for election and yehi

Get customized plan for upcomin elections.

Our Team is our strength
We manage your election and political campaigns

Janadhar India has a great team of Election Strategist, Campaign Managers, booth level teams, social media team, influencers and others. We have also been recognized by leading news publishers. Janadhar India has been helping politicians and political parties in managing election and political campaigns. We are a team of strategist, media professionals, analyst, election experts, voter behaviour experts, creative designers, video production teams, mobile technology experts and copywriters who are qualified and professional. Janadhar India offers wide range of services to manage your political goal and drive ROI in your favor. We have undertaken and successfully delivered to both independent candidates and political parties. Contact us today for hassle free campaign management.

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